Phoebe Batteson-Brown

Phoebe Batteson-Brown

Miembro desde 3 años
"Strong, confident female RP British Accent"

I'm a skilled and versatile professional actress and voice over artist with extensive experience. I am a classically trained actress and also have a background in comedy, and am part of a sketch duo, LADYLIKES. This means I have a natural talent for character voices which are perfect for children's audiobooks, animations and video games. I can also do a range of accents in addition to my natural RP, including regional British and general American.


I trained as an actress at ArtsEd in London, and have worked since 2010 as a professional actress and voice over artist.


I have experience with-

Children's audio-books

Notable works include with the British Library in London on their Britain at War exhibition, as well as client such as Bravolotto and IKEA


My special skill is character voices