Paul Herzberg

Miembro desde 5 años •
"Commanding, rich, a distinct voice able to sell, soothe, delight"

I won the 2022 One Voice Award for best performance in a UK commercial and in 2021 the "Best Performance" for my work on "Little Orpheus" the online video game through The Apple Arcade Community Awards, for which I also received a One Voice Award nomination. I won a telly Gold, Nyx and Platinum Muse award for medical narration.

I've worked across many aspects of Voice Over — major ads on British TV and the Internet, narrated dozens of docs for Nat Geo, the BBC, Discovery Channel and have done many video Games. I am able to interpret and deliver quickly while responding to direction. Having also tackled many corporate videos, I understand the subtle distinctions in what is required in delivery, whether the neutral, light, fact-based voice for an in-house video, or the rich, resonant style employed for the Voice Of God, live events. Other fields of work have included dubbing, ADR work. The area in which I excel other than ads is narration — whether for political, wildlife documentaries or audio-books, having narrated many for the RNIB and ISIS. I was in the in-flight voice for South African Airways for 10 years.


I trained as an actor at LAMDA and was involved in Radio drama for the BBC for some years. Aware of the demands on a Voice Over, I have also had private training and attended seminars at Gravy For The Brain.


Ads incl: Butter Royale, BMW, Kia, Amazon, Freehand Hotels,, E-Toro, FX Pro, Numan, Stiltz. The BBC. National Geographic. Discovery Channel. Side. Edegcase Games. Playstation. Carlton. Transworld. TW1. Australian TV. Lypsync. Vanessa Baker. English Heritage. Warrender Productions. Clarke Productions for Channel 4. The Sound Company. Pantechnicon. Twenty Twenty Television. Phantomedia. Bladonmaore. Peake & White. Knuckle. Qinetiq. South African Airways.


I am versatile with accents. Having spent part of my childhood in South Africa I speak fair Afrikaans, and with a German dad, speak fair German. All European and American accents come easily to me.