Paul Garton

Paul Garton

Miembro desde 9 años
"UK voice over talent.perfect for tv trailers and movie trailers."

After living in Singapore for the last 20yrs I have moved back to the UK.
I have been In the voice over business now full time for more than 10yrs.
Started with warner music voicing music cd's and progressed to TV trailers.
I now work full time with FOX SPORTS Asia pacific, Starhub cable vision Singapore.
My voice is described as deep with a tone perfect for impact, more of the mid atlantic sound.


Self taught from my long hours as a DJ in the 80s and 90s


Many tv commercials. ie: Bank, Car, hair products, Events.
My bread and butter is TV trailers of which I do lots.
Fox sports International (Asia pacific)
Mediacorp tv (Singapore)
BBC entertainmet (Asia pacific)
ITV (Asia pacific)


sports commercials
Movie trailers.