Patrick McCaffrey

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"A warm, genuine, and sincere storyteller"

I’m Patrick, a voice actor with a genuine sound and compelling performance. I want to tell your story with my voice. I believe in integrating audio performances into every part of life. Supporting audio as an integral part of learning, communication, and entertainment. I have 3 years of experience with podcasts. I enjoy doing eLearning and Documentary projects, as well as audio book narrations. But I am able to do any project that needs a voice to perform for it.

As a professional voice actor, I work with a set of values for the greatest success of both my own performances and the goals of my clients. I will give my best performance daily. Every day is different, but I will give our best performance every day. I will communicate openly and honestly with clients and myself. I will always have the clients best interest at heart. And above all, I promise to Have Fun, be bigger than life, and be immersed in my role and performances.


My vocal skills and abilities started with school chorus and plays into high school. During and after college I did some public speaking and took vocal lessons for performing at Renaissance Faires and Dinner Theater shows. After I started a podcast, I took V-O lessons from Such-a-voice.


I have completed work for Ancestry. And I have performed for various Audible Narrations and YouTube animation videos. I also ran a Podcast called HEMACast a HEMA Focused Podcast for 3 years.


I am able to sing and have done so at live performances in the past.