Pansy Kemp

Pansy Kemp

Miembro desde 7 años •
"Clear and Professional to Warm and Believable"

My voice ranges from warm, clear and informative to professional and believable. I have been described as honest with a clear articulate delivery. I particularly enjoy doing telephone IVR's and corporate reads. My voice ranges from warm, clear and informative to professional and believable. I can be business oriented or motherly, excitable, sweet, gentle, humorous, conversational and sexy. I can also be strong, bold, political and a story teller or narrator. I will do Commercials, Infomercials, Television, Radio, Training Videos, Documentaries, eLearning, YouTube videos, just to name a few!

My booth has been constructed using known studio guidelines to keep the outside sounds out and the inside sounds in. I have a noise floor between -66db and -75db depending on the level of outside noise (A/C etc); this gives me a very quiet recording that won't have discernible background noise. My booth has a monitor, keyboard/mouse as well as audio monitors so I can hear my takes and provide you with a quick turnaround.

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On the job work experience. Mentoring with professional Voice Over Actor, Travis Turk.

I enjoyed many years of public speaking in my role as Bank Manager for 19+ years. I pride myself on providing a quality product and an excellent client experience.


Over the past 25+ years I have recorded phone messages, and PSA recordings in various formats, along with some radio experience.

I have a corporate professional working background. I am highly skilled in dealing with various client backgrounds and provide the highest level of customer service. I am organized and proficient in time management and computer skills.


I feel blessed to be working in this industry and I am fully committed to giving you an excellent experience and a quality product. I welcome the opportunity to work with you!