Otis Jiry

Otis Jiry

Miembro desde 1 década •
"Mature, silky sound with that easy going "downhome" delivery."

If you're looking for someone who speak directly to the listener, as if you are speaking one to one, I'm your man.


10 years broadcast experience in radio.
On air talent as news/sportscaster
Recording Engineering diploma - The Recording Workshop (1982) Chilicothe Ohio
BCIT - Radio Option
Columbia School of Broadcasting
Numerous workshops on voice acting
Stage acting


Scott Fortney, Professional Voice Actor, TakeMyVoice.com
“Otis has that natural sound that so many are looking for in the voice-over world. Nothing "announcery" about Otis. He's the real thing. From the "guy next door" to the documentary narrator, Otis has what it takes!”

Michael Easton, Owner/Publisher, Puget Sound Radio
“ Otis has a 'unique' sound and quality to his voice, something I believe agencies and advertisers are looking for. Knowing his background in the industry, I highly recommended Otis to meet the needs and requirements and more important, get the job done in a professional manner.”

Josh Klipstein, Audio Engineer, Jimmy Swaggart Ministries
“Very nice voice. Deep and rich. Perfect VO material.”