Olivia Brown

Olivia Brown

Miembro desde 5 años
"Dedicated voice actress with an extremely dynamic vocal range."

Olivia has been in the animation/video game voice over industry professionally since she was nineteen years old. She is well known for her versatile voice as well as diligent work ethic. When working for a client she makes sure to bring 110% no matter how big or small the role and is willing to work outside her comfort zone. If you are looking for a voice actress that can bring a wide variety of characters in one session please don't hesitate to get into contact with her.


Olivia has taken a variety of different acting and vocal classes throughout her lifetime. At 15 years old she was trained to sing classical opera by renowned singer Evelyn Degraff at Yeu Cheng Ma's Children's Orchestra Society. At 18, she was taught on camera acting by Gayle Greene, improv by Audrey Rappoport as well as film directing by various teachers at The School of Visual Arts. At 21 she was taught standard theater acting by Carol Hanscom at Binghamton University. Finally at 24 she began studying commercial and animation under Paul Liberti at Actor's Connection. All of these teachers were a major contribution in how Olivia was able to develop such an impressive range not only vocally but in theater and directing as well.


Olivia is currently the lead character Murray in Dreamworks TV's newest show The Beefcake Boys. She is also involved in various upcoming TV shows that are coming to the US both domestically or internationally. The video game Pale Spectrum, sequel to Brilliant Shadows, has just recently come out where Olivia reprises the role as King Prudence Celeste.


Olivia not only specializes in voice over but editing as well. She mainly does film editing on Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro and has been an intern at DuArt Film and Video which is well known for dubbing Pokemon. She also does casting for various projects and uses sites such as Mandy, Actors Access, and Casting Networks to find talent.