Neil Hess

Neil Hess

Miembro desde 5 años
"Imagine that FUN teacher you had became a voice over artist!"

I spent years in the classroom as a teacher. As a result, I have become a skilled story teller and educator. I find that I am constantly chosen for eLearning and explainer videos, but I am also in demand for commercials as well.


I have learned through trial, error and training. I have had many, many coaching sessions but I have also honed my ear over time. I have been doing voice overs since 2012 and I find that repetition, dedication, experience and exposure to positive and negative examples have helped shaped my craft.


I have done eLearning work for Hilton, corporate narration for Fidelity investments, training videos for Deloitte, tv commercials, radio commercials.


I am capable of some simple post-production (editing, compression, adding music and sound effects), but to be transparent, this is an area where I still feel I have a lot of learning to do.