Nadee Salarpour

Nadee Salarpour

Miembro desde 10 años •
"professional voice actress, young,fun,energetic,exotic,sexy voic"

I began with DUBBING ever since I was a teenager, back in Iran. I was the voice of Pinocchio.
Right now I live in Los Angeles and am active in Dubbing(BBC) and voice-over, such as naration(Heinz-Ketchup),adds(Nederlander), books(Ketab-e gooya),
soft ware(RosettaStone), and storries(Writer and storry teller). I am a professional voice actress and have young, fun, energetic, kind, serious, sexy, exotic and informative voice. I can play cartoon characters, kids, and young women.


Dubbing: Association of Broadcasters & Film Dubbing, Supervisors (A.B.F. D.S) Tehran, Iran. 1971 -1984.
Voice-over: Charles Michael, New York 1996-7
Speech: Arthur Joseph, Los Angeles 1998-9
Animation: M.J Lallo, Los Angeles 2000-2001


Dubbing- Animation- ADR– Narration-Story telling- Books-TV & Radio Commercial- Software
Rosetta stone: Farsi Language software level 1,2,& 3.
Heinz-Ketchup: infomercial narration.
British Colombia: Infomercial clips for new immigrants.
Inspirational Films: chief of dubbing, 12 episodes of Rivka miniseries and voice of Miriam.
Nardine productions: chief of dubbing Magdalena movie and voice of Magdalena.
Akyapak: infomercial narration.
Manoto tv & Atv: Various documentaries narrations & commercials.
Ketab-e gooya: (talking book) several book reading.
Kirn670am Radio: Hi kids, weekly program 2004-2009 host + several commercials.
Flame International: TV & Radio commercials.
And many more.


I have a professional dubbing and voice-over team and can provide different male and female voices in English, Farsi, Kurdish, Armenian, Assyrian, Urdu and Pashto please check my website:
Also ability of, editing, Translation, subtitling, writing, & management.
I start dubbing and voice-over since I was a teen ager.
XX some people grow up with my voice. One of my famous cartoon characters was Pinocchio.