Miriam Capper

Miembro desde 4 años
"Warm natural Australian accent"

My Voice: My natural voice is characteristically polished, intellectual and trustworthy.

Key Skills:
- Able to sustain intrigue and energy over long reads.
- High level of language proficiency for difficult/ scientific texts.
- My acting range is vast, from hard hitting 'real voice' PSAs to whacky animal noises.

Accents: Australian (native) North American (lived and worked), British (lived and worked), Received Pronunciation.
Age: Comfortable reading age from 20-40.
Animation Age: child - elderly.


I am a trained actor with 3 year degree from Sydney Actors School (Australia). This training included commercial VO, dubbing, ADR, and animation with numerous professional VO coaches. I have also trained with Liana Bdewi (Toronto) for North American commercial VO and Krystal Meadows (Kim Hurdon Casting) For Animation.


My experience so far includes training videos for one of Australia's biggest banks (Westpac), internal communications for Bell Canada, and the voice of UNSW Australia's psychology experiments from 2010 - 2018. I have also completed 3 audiobooks and multiple scientific papers. My degree in psychology comes in handy when translating difficult scientific texts. I have recently voiced a British Cat for an upcoming cartoon series.