Mike Nelson

Mike Nelson

Miembro desde 4 años
"Got Mike?"

Mike Nelson is a fresh voice talent with a style and tone that’s all his own. From casual to caring, comedic to confident, corporate to captivating, Mike's vocal range and style complement a wide variety of voice over projects.

Mike's voice has been described as having a "deep, rich tone; friendly, comedic style; and he could easily be your dad, buddy or the guy next door."


Edge Studio (Los Angeles and New York):
One of the most recognized and trusted voice over training studios in the United States, featuring a nationwide team of professional voice over coaches and technical specialists.

Terri Apple (Los Angeles):
One of the top voice over talents/coaches in the U.S. and author of Making Money in Voice Overs.


California Milk Advisory Board (Commercial/Radio)
Dark Fall (Animated Series)
Mascolo SEO (Online Video/Website)
IMMUNOe Health Centers (Commercial/Social Media)
Boulder County Fair (Commercial/TV and Social Media)
City of Longmont (Commercial/Social Media)
Redwood Apartment Communities (Promotional/Explainer)
Huntsman Building Solutions (Promotional/Corporate)
Moore Productions (Telephony/Business)


Applied Accent: Western/Southern
Additional skill set: Copywriting