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"Strong, midrange, warm to bright"

I can deliver strong, hard-sell spots or warm, sincere messages. I have a midrange voice with good projection that can cut through to your audience's ear. I can also tone it down for a soft, warm delivery.


Most of my voice career has been in radio. I've been on the air and in the production room over the last 30-plus years. Speaking in front of a mic is easy. Radio teaches you to be intimate with your listener. I've spent more than a decade as the Creative/Production Director of various radio stations. I've been on both sides of the microphone, performing and directing.


30-plus years in radio as a jack-of-all-trades guy. Production, on-air, programming, creative. My commercials for larger companies in Honolulu are generally the ones that get selected. I've done local spots for Hilton Hawaiian Village, Hawaii Department of Health, Coca-Cola, and literally dozens of others over the years. The latest campaign that's had the most success has been for the local distributor for Daiken air conditioners (largest in Japan). Though I didn't voice it, I wrote


As the Creative/Production Director at our group of radio stations, I also write, produce, voice, and edit commercials. I know what sounds good to the ear and what makes a message stand out. My latest success in this area is a commercial for the local distributor of Daiken air conditioners (largest in Japan). It's a commercial I wrote (but did not voice) that is so successful, the distributor used the idea for their TV spot.