Michael A. Harding

Miembro desde 11 meses
"I tell it like it is, and the listener is on your side"

I've got a diverse background peppered with all sorts of performing. I'm a Classically trained actor (BA in Theatre from the College of William & Mary, Professional Actor training with the Professional Theatre Training Program (PTTP) at the University of Delaware, MFA with Distinction in Staging Shakespeare from the University of Exeter in the UK), I've worked professionally around the country for nearly three decades. Additionally, I am a stage director, playwright, composer, voice-over artist and professor of performance. Clearly, my best acting has been given standing in front of a classroom full of students expecting to know that which I teach. My interest in voice-over began as a hobby, an attempt to learn Adobe Audition. It has blossomed, over the past few years, into a lucrative and fulfilling business that includes both commercial work and audio book narration.


The majority of my voice-over skill comes from a lengthy career in stage performance. I am well known - in the regional theatre - as a character actor, requiring manipulation of voice and energy for nearly every role I play. Additionally, I've worked for decades to create an authoritative, engaging presence that comes in very handy with teaching and straightforward narration/instruction. These skills have been complemented by a continuous exploration over the past few years of the electronics involved in vocal performance particularly (software, equipment, sound basics, etc.)


I have read/narrated 15 audio books, the genres include self-help, autobiography, biography, horror fiction, religious study and spirituality. Additionally, I am the pitch voice for the Cedar City Junior Ballet as well as a regular voice announcer for the Kayenta Center for the Arts.


I have heretofore been my own engineer/producer for all stages of the process, and am a music composer/arranger as well.