Megan Sticht

Miembro desde 1 año
"Versatile range: quirky to sexy, instructive to humorous"
Megan Sticht

Many years of acting experience, world-class improv training, and teaching have given me a gift for creating believable characters quickly and conveying information appealingly. I have a talent for accents, and I've augmented it over time through study and practice. I have studied world languages for much of my life and have been a singer since childhood, both of which have developed a quick ear for vocal tone and timbre. I am also a Spanish teacher by vocation, which has honed my ability to take potentially less-interesting topics and infuse them with life.


VoicesNow Studio, Christina Thurmond, Salt Lake City 2018-Present
Occasional Coaching, Jess Harnell
Improv/Acting training (including vocal technique): Hal Peller, Bill Arnett, Mike Brown, Nick Condon, Rich Baker, Bob Bedore, Amy Angelilli, Nicole Marcks
Personal Study


I am the voice of a medical device (NDA)
Principal role in RadioHaver "Port Christmas" audio drama


Singing (mezzo or alto range)
Spanish language (fluent for over 20 years)