Matthew Longoria

Miembro desde 1 año
"Versatile millennial with a variety of voices"
Matthew Longoria

I relish all kinds of acting work, but my passion is voice for animation. I love creating characters and acting in scenes that cannot exist in the real world. I have a malleable voice with many different characters and textures. I've worked on both sides of the glass so I have an appreciation for what producers experience, and know how to keep a session running on time. I am also comfortable self directing though I love feedback from directors and fellow actors.


I got my start in the biz as an audio engineer at a busy NYC recording studio. Over the last 15 years, I worked on a TON of sessions with some of the most amazing voice actors in the business and absorbed so much by watching them in action. 7 years ago I transitioned into a role as a voice director, producer, and finally getting on the mic myself.


My work has appeared in national TV campaigns and on TV series for networks such as Nickelodeon, PBS, NBC Universal, and various E-Learning platforms. I was the voice of Jelly in Maranatha’s “Too Good For Jelly” national TV campaign. I am the voice of Banana and various other characters for Nickelodeon’s Do Not Touch app and the Do Not Touch Buttons. I play the host characters Bob DaVinci and Junior on the educational app Amplify Fractions. I am the title character in Amplify's Rattenborough series. I was the voice director and did incidental voices for The Ollie and Moon Show on Universal Kids. I also voice direct and do incidental characters for shows on the Pinna app.


I am a veteran of media production. I can edit and mix to any specification. I am an Emmy award winning sound designer, and I can sing.