Matthew Henderson

Miembro desde 2 años
"Classic announcer, conversational, accents and character voices."
Matthew Henderson

Impressive vocal range in pitch and tone.
Able to stay in character and convey real emotion.
A variety of accents, character voices, and a few impressions.
I can easily customize my voice to fit perfectly into your project.


As a 25 year broadcast radio professional much of my formal voice training has been on the job. In reality, I started training my voice when I was a child by imitating the characters I watched in cartoons and the accents I heard on TV. Mel Blanc was my hero before I even truly understood what he did. I knew at very young age that my voice was my future and my way to make a living. And my training has never stopped. I continuously work to improve my range, better my delivery, and add to my skills.


In my career I have voiced and produced hundreds of commercials for radio. I have also voiced television commercials and phone systems. And have done live news that was broadcast nationally on the RFD Radio Network.


I can do audio production as long as I am supplied with the work parts, i.e. music bed, sound effects, etc.