Matt Hicks

Miembro desde 11 meses
"A smooth baritone with a touch of the South in the mouth"

I have found quite a bit of work voicing Southern and Southwestern Americans for romantic audiobooks. I am a native Mississippian and while a youth frequent moving smoothed most of the region out of my accent. However, I am fully capable of diving deep into my drawl should the occasion warrant. I can do passable French, German, Scottish, Northern US, Bostonian, Midwestern, and Western accents. My voice is naturally a smooth baritone that has been described as filled with gravitas, sexy, seductive, authoritative, passionate, "like the sexiest cowboy ever", and my personal favorite "briny". As a trained actor I have a full emotionally expressive toolkit which has been honed in longform narration and time spent on stage in school and community theater.


I spent a year studying theater in the BFA program at Virginia Commonwealth University
I took several courses through
I have been for the past several months and continue to work with Universal Voice Talent Coaching


I have recorded over thirty audiobooks available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes, as well as other sites where the particular publisher has non-exclusive contracts.
I have performed several titles of Christian fiction with Mountain Brook Ink, including Paradise Protocol by Anna Zogg, the first two books of the Lazarus Chronicles by Richard Spillman (the third is awaiting publishing), and the first book of the Mended Hearts series by Patricia Lee (again, more installments forthcoming).
I have recorded a series of time travel short stories entitled Time and the Gloaming by Michael Bunker.
I have recorded a Lovecraft style horror novel entitled Mind's Horizon by Eric Malikyte
The Runaround: a Single Dad Romantic Comedy by Sylvie Stewart co-narrated with Reagan West, and the soon to be released New Jerk in Town co-narrated with Mandy Stribling, also written by Sylvie Stewart
The Eighth Scroll by Dr Laurence Brown (awaiting release)
Can't Get You Off My Mind: Somewhere, TX Saga, Bad Boys, Billionaires & Bachelors Book 1 by Julia Wolf
Joseph Levy Escapes Death by Rick Strassman
Offshore by Gary Brandner, published by Encyclopocalypse, the audio producers of Simon & Schuster's back catalog.
A Divine Wink by Michael Wright
Roughly half a dozen self-help/improvement books produced by Pierre Lacouture written by various authors.
I voiced the character Wilhelm von Zeppelin in the videogame Warpath.
I have voiced multiple online ads and videos.


I can provide some post production sound editing and mixing, script editing, proof-reading, and copy-writing services.