Marissa Nans

Miembro desde 4 años
"Smooth listening that won't put you to sleep (unless you want..)"

Right now I'm coming off an "accidental" success. I've always felt I had a good voice but never really had an opportunity to showcase it. I shot a commercial recently and was pleasantly surprised when they asked me to do the VO for it. I was even more pleasantly surprised when I saw the commercial and heard how good my voice sounded. Bonus points for people saying "it's too bad they didn't use your real voice". Little did they know, I can SOUND good too!

Anyway, I try to strike the perfect balance between 'raspy/whisper' and hitting all those hard 'C's and 'D's. Overall my voice registers on the lower side and seems to meet the standard of female voice overs I hear these days.


I took singing lessons as a kid and I've taken lots of commercial acting classes. Other than that, when in doubt I default entirely to the direction I'm being given by the director and/or producers.


I have an impressive commercial resume- I don't speak in some of them but the one that best showcases my voice is my latest spot for Lay's potato chips. Be careful, watching that commercial will make you crave chips.


I love doing accents, Midwestern, British and Southern are my specialties. I can certainly carry a tune also- so any jingles can be sent my way!