Marcello Trigo

Marcello Trigo

Miembro desde 8 años •
"Voice actor in Brazilian Portuguese"

My experience as an actor allows me to record in different styles. This means that you can count on me for TV and Radio commercials, voice over documentaries and TV shows in Brazilian Portuguese. I do dubbing, and can also create voices for cartoon and game characters.


I learned to dub in the studios of Herbert Richers in Rio de Janeiro. In 2001, I started working with voice over advertising. I did theater school and also studied at the forefront drama school in southern Brazil. There I recorded numerous voice overs, in addition to producing a radio soap opera. Today I study film animation and follow my career as a voice over and voice actor.


Since 2001 I record voice overs for advertisements and documentaries. My clients in Brazil include Coca Cola, Assolan, SESC, Loola Palooza, as well as governments of the states of Santa Catarina, Recife, Rondônia, Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. I also have clients in the games and cartoon market. My last, for example, is the game Strife, in MOBA style.


Above, there is a field for the pitch of the voice. I pointed Bass, but I think my voice is a little bit above that tone. Anyway, listen to my reel. I do jovial voice and also the voice of credibility.