Lori Furth

Lori Furth

Miembro desde 1 década
"Warm, funny, friendly, sexy, sincere, said with a smile"

Years of experience in telephone systems, commercials, web narrations and on-line tours, internet games (wacky characters!) I have my own home studio and can produce high quality, professional spots in a short time.


Nancy Wolfson - Braintracks
UCLA - Janet Wilcox
Improvisation - Melanie Chartoff
Animation - Bob Bergen
BCI Bank, Chile


Museum of Fine Art, Boston - audio descriptions
AT&T - web videos
Kellogg - IVR, corporate narration
John Jay College, New York - audio science modules for college students
Honda - web videos
Baxalta (Baxter International) - sales training modules


I can help you make sure your English is impeccable. I have had years of experience writing corporate communications in America.