Lodie Grubb

Lodie Grubb

Miembro desde 3 años •
"Real Life Experience"

The “voice-over” is a driving cog of any communication production.
The “voice” helps power emotional responses, changes of behavior or simply provides a calming “how to” when a helping hand is hard to come by.
It’s true that I am still building my produced portfolio of work- but I already have a stunningly powerful life's work. A body of work that spans use cases and that has documented and proven impact.
Work where voice and message combine in powerful ways.

There was the time that...
I had to salvage Halloween for my eight and six year old because sub-freezing temperatures forced the wearing of jackets over costumes. Strategy? Soothing, comfort and calm proposal to shed jacket when approaching a house. Result? 43 houses visited…14.75 pounds of candy (yup- we weighed it) and no cold for either kid. (wive’s tale!)

My 18 year old declared maybe college “no bueno” for him. Strategy? Sell a more robust future WITH college to a kid who had difficulty seeing more than 48 hours in the future. Result: 4 year degree from CU Boulder…not the easy way… but done. Now that is selling ice to an Eskimo!

That my husband learned that his father died suddenly & we had to mobilize to support the family. Strategy? Empathy, understanding and helping young children understand enough… but just enough.

My oldest son wanted to play lacrosse in Bellevue WA… but there was no team to play on. So I started a lacrosse club. Strategy: Sell the vision… inspire others and marshal the volunteers. Results: 15 years later more than 500 athletes have been able to play the game in Bellevue WA.


Graduate of Such A Voice May 2018


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