Liam Owen

Miembro desde 5 años
"A Deep and rich voice with highly trained expressiveness."

My work in the voice field is extensive. I have been voicing professionally since 1996. My resume includes more than 100 audio books with the majority rating between 4 and 5 star reviews on Amazon. My voice has been heard in commercials, white boards, video games and even recording ESL education materials for school kids.


I am a trained actor by trade, starting my education in 1990 when I was voted one of the top collegiate actors in the nation and invited to perform at the John F Kennedy Center for the performing arts. From there, I was invited to do a private study in performance with a professor from New York University. By 1995, my agent had me behind the microphone to begin my foray into voice work.


One hundred audio books is a big achievement for me. Audio books are very difficult to do and require a great amount of patience. Performing 20+ voices of unique cultures, dialects and backgrounds can be very daunting, but I do enjoy every minute of it. I do a great deal of work with Sci-Fi publishing. I have worked with GearBox, with National Geographic, PBS, InXile Entertainment and been praised for my voice work by Disney. All proud moments for me.


I am a trained singer and I do pride myself on not limiting re-takes for clients if I am not delivering what they require. I will never expect additional monies if a client needs me to read a line or two a different way for them.