Lauren Miller

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"Clinical psychologist: medical/teaching/narration specialties"
Lauren Miller

As a former opera singer, having breath and vocal range helps enormously in the world of VO/narration. I am also a clinical psychologist and extremely comfortable with jargon heavy material, eg medical/legal/pharmaceutical. Scientific editing and consulting on narrative arcs are further areas of interest and experience. An ACX member, I just completed volume 2 of a trilogy (see 'Whispers of Nowhere' on Amazon).


Classes, private tutoring, and on the job. I enjoy editing! My home studio was set up by a sound engineer, so I have my own templates for recording purposes.


I publish under ACX, and have done industrials with different companies. I have representation for local VO work only. In theater, I perform everything from Shakespeare (Prospera!) to storefront theatre to musical theatre (generally the witch or the mom - and I prefer witches.... Princess Puffer rules...).


I am a professional singer with a wide vocal range (spinto) - in music theater I sing either mezzo or soprano, depending upon the character's age range. I enjoy all aspects of performing and collaboration :)