Kristy McIntosh

Miembro desde 4 meses
"Versatile Voice. Warm and sensual to professional or playful."

My warm and sensual side can draw you in. The professional side can educate and inform. The playful side will make you smile. My voice talents are versatile. My work is timely and professional.


I performed in radio broadcasting as a teenager and from there, went on to earn a degree in theater. Amateur work led to professional work in audio and video.


My work is available on national platforms, most recently on Audible with new productions coming out in the next four weeks. My YouTube channel dedicated to health and wellness from my work as a Family Nurse Practitioner will be going up in the next month as well.


ScreenShot Studios is our professional company. Along with my husband, we produce our audiobook work, videos and commercials. He is a composer and professional musician.