Keri Hill

Miembro desde 3 meses •
"The Fresh New Voice With a Spirited Smile!"

Keri is your smart sister, best friend, good neighbor, trusted co-worker, and latest crush, all rolled into one! She brings her genuine, professional nature to every project she voices.

Keri has been comfortable with a microphone since a young age; competing in talent shows and performing on stage. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Music for Vocal Performance, trained in Italian, German, and French opera, and classical music. Those skills were put to good use as a gondolier at the Venetian Resort and Casino – paddling while she sang and entertained guests.

She has national exposure in television and film and can use both ear and teleprompter. Keri also has years of experience as a spokesmodel, brand ambassador, product specialist and narrator/presenter at hundreds of trade shows, auto shows, and special events nationwide


Global Voice Acting Academy - Coach David Rosenthal


I have had the opportunity to work with Madison McQueen this 2020 campaign season and recorded over a dozen radio, television, & digital campaign spots for their candidates nationwide.

I have also had the pleasure of doing podcast intros and corporate narration for WorkForce Connections in Southern Nevada, as well as for Hill Engineering Solutions.

You can also hear my voice on the MissDig radio spots in Michigan!


I have a degree in music for vocal performance and am happy to sing as well as voice when the opportunity arises!