Katie Hickey

Miembro desde 6 meses •
"Versatile medium-low voice: professional, motherly, villainous"
Katie Hickey

The perfect medium-low voice to play a mother, vixen, young adult, or the surprise villain in your audio drama. A professional, soothing voice for your commercial, IVR, or educational video.


- Private voice coaching with June Yoon
- 20+ years stage performances, in U.S. and abroad


A Drink Before the Dark - audio drama, released October 2020
From Me To You - web series, released November 2020
Kramping My Style - mini-series, to be released January 2021
Remix: Hero of Aura - animated series, to be released 2021
SoulMates - animated series, to be released 2021


In addition to voice acting, I am a professional, classically-trained singer.