Kait Feeney

Kait Feeney

Miembro desde 4 años
"Multi-accented character, authorative & persuasive."

My voice is rich but I am able to perform in a variety of accents & alter my pitch and delivery depending on the project. As a character actress I can alter my pitch and accent for audiobooks, inform in an authorative manner for technical VOs and documentaries and adopt smooth silk to persuade you to buy practically anything.


Originally at Thames Television’s Teddington Lock Studios in the 1970s but over the years I have kept up my training by attending various workshops at The Actors’ Centre, London.


Before my career break, I did VOs for various commercials including Boots. Since returning I have provided the voice for Vogue Italia’s fashion narrative films and recorded VOs for stage plays including Bouncers and Edgar and Annabel.


I have my own home studio & a mobile set up that allows me to record whilst I’m away from home.