Miembro desde 1 año
"Warm and intelligent voice, scientific background."

My voice has been described variously as "warm yet authoritative," "whimsical," "intelligent," and "conversational." Others have said, "Mom," and "outdoorsy." I can easily be a fast talker, quick paced. Facile with pharmaceuticals, medicine/medical, science/scientific issues and products.


A seasoned actor, I've also been working closely with scientists at scientific institutions. I am comfortable not just with commercial and e-learning material, but also with medical/scientific terms as well as with mental health and psychological terms and concepts.

Brown University
Harvard University
William Esper Studio
King's College London
Royal Academy of Dramatic Art
Michael Howard Studio
Williamstown Theatre Festival
Chautauqua Theater Festival
Chrissellene Petropoulos
Nancy Mayans


I continue to train and look forward to using my stage, on-camera, and voiceover training with you.


I am a singer.

I whistle well.

I am also a clinical social worker/psychotherapist and executive leadership coach. I have been working with science/scientists for over ten years, did pre-med training at Brown University, and grew up discussing colonoscopies at the dinner table with my gastroenterologist father; I am comfortable with medical copy and scientific terminology. A colleague who's been in the voiceover industry for 25 years told me he wished he had my ease with medical language/terminology.