Joseph Michael Brugh

Joseph Michael Brugh

Miembro desde 3 años •
"Listening to your inner voice!"

Recreating the "inner voice" of the author's script... Or another way of looking at it - My inner voice recreates their inner voice.


2019 Online Workouts:
Joan Baker with Everett Oliver - (Commercial)
Thom Pinto - with Anne Ganguza (Commercial)
Sean Pratt - with John Florian (Audiobooks - Non Fiction)

Everett Oliver Coaching 2019 (Nashville TN)
Anne Ganguza Coaching 2019
VO Atlanta 2019
J Michael Collins Coaching 2018 - 2019
Gravy for the Brain 2018 - TFN
Audio Publishers Association (APAC - NYC) 2018


2017 -2019 Audiobooks
Ten Camels for My Wife - John Meadows
The Locust Fields v2 The Champion Lord -Paul Davies
Letters and Secrets - Richard Ayres
The Further Education of Michael Carter - Richard Ayres
Merlin's Rescue - Michael Griffin
Pathways - Roger Trow

Comcast Harford County Maryland
WYVN - FOX 60 Martinsburg West Virginia
WPOC -Baltimore Maryland
WBKZ - WFBR - Baltimore Maryland
WHAG - WQCM Hagerstown Maryland
WCST - Berkley Springs West Virginia
WNAV - Annapolis Maryland

Cable Promos Comcast
Sales Presentations - Introductory Speaker and Moderator (Electrograph Systems) 2001 - 2009
On Air Radio Personality
Professional Theater (Actors Equity) Children's Theater Troupe
College Theater (Real Auditorium)
!!!Life Guard!!! - (clearly and commandingly speaking across a mountainous lake to call "all boats in")
High School Theater ( A pseudo Auditorium - Gymnasium)
Middle School Theater (writing spring operetta) -) - - -- - - -

Reading to children each night - Dumpy Daddy and Darling Dora - The Cat in the hat - One Fish Two Fish - Green Eggs and Ham and more...


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