Josef Scherer

Miembro desde 4 años •
"Manly, Rugged Baritone. Genuine, Sincere, Sexy, Warm or Tough"

Josef has been preforming in the Arts for over 25 years.
With a warm yet rugged baritone.
His voice is genuine, sincere, wise and sexy. Want a great neighborly or father figure read. I am your man.
Authoritative, manly and tough. I can do that.
Need a southern drawl or a seasoned cowboy? It would be my pleasure!


Private Voice Training, Pro tools Technology and Discussing life around a Bourbon and Cigars!


Cafe Napoli
Napoli 2
Face and Body Day Spa
Cecil Whittaker's Pizza
CPI Pipe and Tube
Pre-Settlement Funding
Custom Tile works
Illinois Election Campaign
Schaffer Electric


A Manly Swagger and a Southern drawl!