Jordon Biggers

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Jordon Biggers

My work is unique in the fact that this is a natural talent of mine. I have been kicking the television, and family members since I could talk. I know that characters with an array of range are my bread and butter, yet I am willing to learn all other avenues like commercial, audiobooks, etc.


I have taken multiple classes at Atlanta Voice Over Studio. All of the classes were instructed by a professional voice actor (Brian Bremer). I have yet to land a job, but I have a great demo, and am currently starting coaching as well.


I have no experience or jobs landed as of yet.


I have multiple songs available on all streaming services currently. I write all of my work, including comedy. I have a passion for coming up with ideas, and characters and bringing them to life. As you will hear in my demo, I am doing various characters that made up the voices for, and their scripts. I definitely think my music ,and comedy background, give me a leg up.