Johnathan Welsh

Johnathan Welsh

Miembro desde 3 años
"Deep.. Polished.. Elegant"

Having been told by numerous people for many years that I should try the voiceover business I finally took the plunge last year investing in a home studio and equipment.
My voice is described as deep rich and elegant and as such is suited to this business to a certain extent. My accent is British RP (Received Pronunciation).
I have had some success in that I'm currently working on an audiobook for a children's Christian book.
I have also recently completed a corporate and an animation vo which was paid.
I can produce a vo in 24-48hrs depending on the employers requirements and offer retakes here at my home studio.


Recently I have been with Gary Terrza in London learning different techniques.


Currently narrating children's Christian audiobook.
Recently completed corporate vo for "HySurv" and an animation vo for a London based company.


I am a bass vocalist.. I have toured throughout the UK.. USA.. Norway and Africa.