John's voice is warm and rich and often described as distinctive. John's voice and delivery convey a wide array of styles and emotion. The guy next door, authoritative, soft sell, hard sell, trusted, believable and commanding.

John also has a list of celebrity voices including:
- Walter Cronkite
- Rod Serling
- George Bush
- Bill Clinton
- Mr. T
- Andy Rooney
- Jimmy Stewart
- Rodney Dangerfield and more.


- John is Graduate of Columbia Broadcasting with honors.
- John is a 25 year voice over radio veteran with an extensive background in audio production and the voice and creative of hundreds of successful campaigns for radio and television.


Local, regional, and national client list includes:

- Ford
- 509 Films
- Paradise Casinos
- First National Bank
- Kellogg's
- Listerine
- Good Morning America dot com