John Faust

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"Real, straightforward with a wink"
John Faust

I’m a male voiceover talent who lends his voice to production houses, ad agencies, and animation studios to tell their story and elevate their brand. I have trained with some of the top professionals in the voiceover industry, including Nancy Wolfson, Donna Grillo, Pat Fraley, Rick Wasserman, and Dave Fennoy. What is it you value, and how can I be of service?

I wear the Gen X label proudly! Growing up in the 1970s and 80s, I was exposed to the golden age of animated television and a steady diet of late-night horror films. As a self proclaimed “monster kid,” I sport my surname of Faust as a badge of honor! Growing up in this era and the creative influence it had on me cannot be understated.

Transitioning from theatre and independent film into voice over was a natural move for me. I acknowledge the iconic characters that have inspired me, and through play and work, I have found my own voice. Often credited as a versatile character actor I’ve performed in a wide variety of projects, including commercial and documentary to animation and gaming.


Nancy Wolfson | Braintracks Audio: Commercial Voiceover

Donna Grillo: Voice acting for Animation

Pat Fraley: Character, Animation, Dialects

Everett Oliver: Voice acting for Animation

Dave Fennoy: Voice acting for Video Games

Rick Wasserman | Bookable VO: Commercial, Animation and Promos

J.V. Martin: Documentary Narration

SUNY College at Purchase: Actor’s Conservatory

Texas State University: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre

North Carolina School of the Arts: High School Actor’s Conservatory


I have worked with some great clients, including the Texas Department of Transportation, Dice Gaming, Viva, Indiegogo, Power-Con, 4 Kids Entertainment, Boomstar Entertainment, Demented Features and Huawei and more. I was in the original US cast of Rocket Monkeys and have hosted the suspenseful travel blog the The Macabre Tourist since its premiere in 2012.


I have a wide range, from voicing teenagers and young adults to more serious, deeper register vocals.