Joe Bagtas

Miembro desde 6 meses
"Put the "Acting" in Voice Acting!"

Hi, I'm a Voice Actor for Animation, Commercial, & Video Games. I have a wide range of voices and always give the best performance. It's not just having the voice a client wants, it's about your acting and bring the character to life! I have naturally warm, cheerful tone, but often am hired to do the lower gritty voice work. I hope you'll enjoy my range and give your characters a top notch, one-of-a-kind sound.


Multiple years of Voice work, Workshops, and Coaching


Providing VO + Motion Capture for an upcoming VR video game. Have to keep the details under wraps, but the studio that scanned me and recorded me, I had hear about for years. Never thought I'd be working for them this year! Very uplifting experience


Dubbing, Creature Voices, Camera Acting, Directing, Audio Post, Motion Capture mixed with Voice Acting