Jessi Keenan

Jessi Keenan

Miembro desde 5 años •
"Youthful Adult, Real & Reliable ROCKSTAR"

I grew up in Iowa, and have been a professional singer/actress for over 20 years. I became a voice actress 2 years ago, and am excited to say I am the new voice for The Hallmark Easter Bunny Plush 2018 and also have a principle role in a blockbuster video game to be release fall of 2018. #Blessed

My voice is youthful, real, with a large character range voicing babies - all the way to a really mean grandmother :).

Voice-over jobs recently have included: Narration, Kids Theatrical, Adult Commercial, Video Game, Promo and as an on-air radio host.
Please contact me to voice YOUR project! Thanks!


Don LaFontaine Voice-over Lab (SAG FOUNDATION, Los Angeles)
Kalmenson Kalmenson Improv for Voice-over w/ Stephen Tobolowsky (Los Angeles, CA)
Multiple in person workshops with Debi Derryberry (Animation), Dave Fennoy (VideoGame), J. Michael Bloom (Commercial), Vanessa Gilbert (Solid Talent)
and many many more.


Voice of the 2018 Hallmark Easter Bunny Plush (Rapping "Rapper's Delight - Bunny Style")
Principle role in a blockbuster video game (under NDA) Rockstar Videogames Release Fall, 2018
Commercials include - The Iowa Lottery, Orange County Credit Union, please inquire for full list.
Singer for over 20 years, all styles.


Singing, audio editing & producing.