Jesse Lowther

Jesse Lowther

Miembro desde 8 años •
"A deep, powerful voice heard in radio and TV across New England"

If you live in New England, you may have heard my booming voice on the radio, or narrating the occasional TV commercial. I've recorded work for Subway, AMC, Aroma Joe's, Maine and Vermont Lotteries and Powerball, in addition to a number of commercial video games.

Some of my most popular voices include "wise wizard" for adding a Gandalf-like gravitas to narration, "Biker" for a hardened, manly sound and "epic announcer", modeled after the great Don LaFontaine himself (and used in several radio spots).

My voice can range from deep and intimidating to light, pleasant, or professional, with the ability to impersonate many popular characters and certain celebrities. I can perform a range of accents and ethnicities as well. Listen to my voice demo to hear my full spectrum of abilities in under a minute.


As a voice talent, I am self-trained.


-TV Spots for the Walking Dead Scratch Ticket in both Maine and Vermont (narrator)
-Radio Spots for Maine State Lottery (epic announcer)
-Radio Spots for Subway sandwiches (250 WOW singer)
-Radio Spots for Powerball Lucky 4 Life (Biker 1)
-Radio Spot for Aroma Joe's Coffee (FIND YOUR FUEL tagline)
-Internet spot for Wholesale Pro Apparel golf accessories (narrator)
-"Gravitronix" action game, released on WiiWare (Virgil, MEDA, Gravitro)
-"Quest for Infamy" Adventure game, released on steam (Hummel and Sunit)
-"Adventures of the Beardsman", currently in development (Chuck Beard, lead)
-"Troll Song" adventure game, currently in development (Clod, lead)
-"Chapters of HUE: Autumn", currently in development (narrator)
-Numerous Kickstarter videos narrations
-Numerous IVR systems


I particularly enjoy having the opportunity to bring characters to life, as I find it the most rewarding aspect of VO work.

Once I've brought a character to life through my voice, they're no longer words on a page for me but an entity that then lives within my mind. Once in a while, I'll wonder how they would feel about a situation, even going so far as thinking, "I bet Squeezle the goblin would love this popcorn..." or something along those lines.

My long term dream is to voice characters that find a place in people's hearts, be they sympathetic villains who are all twisted up on the inside or tough as nails anti-heroes who secretly have that heart of gold.

For me, the most exciting part of voice acting is wondering, "Who will I bring to life today?" :)