Jeremy Skumautz

Miembro desde 12 meses
"Jeremy's voice is energetic, friendly, and relatable."
Jeremy Skumautz

Russian for cartoon/animation, Slight southern twang, Mid-west America
Cartoon/animation impressions: Elmo, Meat Wad (from Aqua Teen Hunger Force), Deep British (multiple characters from Star Wars: The Clone Wars), Deep and raspy similar to Batman character, High in raspy similar to Cobra Commander from GI Joe or Joker from Batman.


I trained under Lisa Datz (who has provided voices for video games such as: Red Dead Redemption II and GTA V). I began my training though in 2018.


Directly out of high school I worked for Paramount Pictures as an extra, before life got in the way. After many years I wanted to get back into my passion. I am just now getting my voice out there in an attempt to provide professional services for those in need for their projects.


Digitally delivered projects, full editing on all audio. Currently do not have capability to provide post-production, but hope to in the future.