Jeremy Cohen

Miembro desde 4 años •
"Energetic, youthful, informative, honest, and malleable."
Jeremy Cohen

Jeremy has been working professionally in VO for 7 years now. The timbre of his natural speaking voice lends perfectly for informative and educative videos. Jeremy also has a passion, (and dare we say flair), for characters and animations. Jeremy provides a professional and clean sounding product recorded from his sound treated home studio. He can turn around most jobs in under 24 hours, and can even do some post production for you.


Prior to any formal training, Jeremy started out creating characters to pass the time during long road trips with no radio. His degree in Electronic Media allowed him to learn about video and audio production, script breakdowns, and sound for picture. He has also taken a few seminars at the Legendary Marc Grau Recording Studios.


Jeremy has clients from all over the globe with such companies as:

The Oakland Athletics
Hiley Automotive Group
Jake & Daryl's One Woman Show
American Heart Association
Mudd Car Service
Greater Valley Conservation
One Hour Detail
Fox Digital Hub
Newmark Merril
Room 9 Films
Shoot AGi


Jeremy has a broadcast quality booth in his home. As well as the ability to record and edit when he is traveling.