Jeredyn Cross

Miembro desde 2 años
"A Voice to Match your Creative Vision"

Voice Over for your brand requires a honed intuition for Acting. It needs a wide range of emotion & character. And, It's gotta have those technical Audio Production skills for Recording, Editing, Mixing & Mastering to give your production that radiant audio polish.


I earned my degree in Theater and Cinematic Arts from Eastern Arizona College, followed by my Bachelors from Northern Arizona University. During my years in college I met my voice and diction coach Dr. Dan Robbins who helped me refine and master a wide variety of dialects from all over the US and the UK. I've also spent the last year with Gravy for the Brain's online mentoring program spearheaded by the Voiceover Man, Peter Dickson, and Hugh Edwards.

My greatest strengths lie in my skills for character acting, honed by six years of experience in live stage shows and musicals, eventually leading to several roles in indie games and audio drama podcasts, along with a smattering of commercial ads, explainer videos, and IVR systems.


I've provided multiple character and creature voices for Grand Guilds by Drix Studios, along with several other indie gaming projects like:
-Beautiful Desolation by Satsis Games
-112 Emergency Operator
-Radio Commander
-Retro Skunk
-Tournament of Tamers
-and several others I'm unable to share at the moment due to NDA requirements.
Rest assured, I will be updating my profile with new gaming credits as they release.

I've done British RP accent voice overs for Udacity's e-learning programs and promos, and I've also voiced several promos for Staffordshire University in Stoke-on-Trent, England. Also, I've done several industrial promos for the Poland based ATM Lighting company.


I spent the entirety of my college years in choir and played the lead in several main stage musical shows at both EAC and NAU, so I've got a strong high tenor to baritone singing voice. In addition, I specialized in audio Theater Technology, so I have extensive knowledge in audio production including design, editing, mixing, and mastering.