Jennifer Clifford

Jennifer Clifford

Miembro desde 9 años
"Upbeat Genuine Believeable Conversational - Your Girl Next Door"

My voice is real, natural, believable. It invokes the emotion, connection and passion needed to engage and motivate your listeners.

Bright and new for commercials, natural for narration, energetic for presentations for you to work with!


I Have had the pleasure of studying with and learning voice-over performance techniques from; Norm Silver in Colorado, Hilary Blair at The Denver Center for Performing Arts, Kathleen Ham at DCPA, Jennifer Thomas at DCPA, Marla Kirban in NYC and Lynn Skinner of Vocal Eyes Music. These talented artists are the best in the business and have taught me to be the best I can be while always striving to be better.

I am member of may industry groups and keep my finger on the pulse of VO everyday!

And when in comes to understanding your business, I also hold a BS in Business Administration from Elmhurst College.


17 years working in voice...

As a emcee and host for live events, honorees commented that I had a golden voice, voice-over became my calling.

Before moving to Denver 15 years ago, I had the opportunity to study and work with many talented voices in Chicago, including the amazing, Mark MacLean.

Good fortune has come my way as an opportunity to give voice to a wide variety of applications for fine companies like; Qwest, Teletech, Intercontinental Hotels, Wells Fargo, The Isle Casinos, The Department of Energy, Whole Foods, Dr. Andrew Weil, Starz Film Festival and many many more.

Grateful to be born when I was; I became educated in digital recording and mixing just as razor blades and cutting tape were going out of style.

I love this work and you can hear it in my reads!


Telephony-IVR professionals have relied on my specialized editing skills to deliver perfectly formatted files based on their systems' attributes.

Also offering a wide variety of formats including, PCM .wav, .mp3, .vox, .aiff, .ogg, .wma

Fully mixed tracks including licensed audio and sound effects.

Optimized sound with consistent levels so updated files are an exact match to previously recorded files.