Jeffrey McKnight

Miembro desde 4 años •
"Young, cool and approachable"

I am a unique voice in that I have spent years on both sides of the microphone, both as the talent as well as the producer and director. I'm fairly flexible in my delivery and am easily coached.

I am very well suited for speaking with a millennial audience, with a calm, cool and approachable demeanour. As such, I have featured on several American University and travel themed advertising campaigns.


My first introduction into Voice Over was at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in the Radio, Television and Broadcast News program in 2012. Since then, I have worked as an audio producer, imaging producer and voice talent in markets across western Canada as well as in the United Kingdom, and have directed several big name voice talents.

I also have limited experience with Animation VO having taken multiple Animation VO clinics in the past.


My voice has featured on television and online marketing campaigns in Canada and the United States for clients such as Community College Vermont, Liberty University, Fredonia University, DC Bank and more, as well as hundreds of radio campaigns across several Canadian Markets.


I am an experienced audio producer.