Jeffrey Hedquist

Jeffrey Hedquist

Miembro desde 5 años •
"Flexible, directable, believable, comedic storyteller, characte"

He's flexible, directable, and a quick read. He's an actor who "gets" the meaning of what you wrote and brings new life into your words. Because of his extensive experience and vocal versatility, he can, if you wish, give you many different interpretations in several voices. His experience as a standup comic, storyteller, air personality, performing songwriter, and improv entertainer has given him a great sense of comedic timing and audience relatability.

These are some of the words my clients have used to describe my voice:
Amusing, animated, antagonistic, attitude, authoritative, believable, biting, booming, burly, calming, caring, classy, cocky, concerned, confessional, conversational, corporate, country, crazy, creepy, dangerous, deadpan, deep, elderly, folksy, friendly, funny, genuine, gravelly, guy next door, happy, hard sell, high energy, humorous, husky, informative, kooky, lyrical, mature, motivational, natural, nerd, newscaster, ominous, playful, sarcastic, serious, sincere, smooth, snob, soft-spoken, soothing, sophisticated, sportscaster, storyteller, strong, superhero, surfer dude, technical, thoughtful, tough, uplifting, warm, wimpy.


Exposure to great storytellers growing up, successful broadcasting mentors as a young man, decades of on-the-job training doing thousands of commercials for clients, agencies, broadcasters.

Studied with Marice Tobias, Marc Cashman, Pat Fraley


Represented by several talent agencies from Los Angeles to Atlanta.

National commercials for Goodyear, Ford, McDonald’s, Time-Life, Dutch Boy Paint, Sunbeam, Delta Airlines, Coke, AFLAC, Boston Market, Target, NAPA, Time-Life, Jeep, Subway, American Heart Association.

Regional commercials for thousands of advertisers throughout North America.

Thousands of non-broadcast narrations for many well-now companies from Aetna to Winnebago.

The voice on 27 versions of Chicken Soup For the Soul and many other audiobooks.

The voice of Wolverine and Captain America on Marvel Entertainment’s motion comic “Spiderwoman: Agent of S.W.O.R.D.”


Award-winning (700+ awards) for commercial creation.
Audio director.
Performing songwriter.
MC for hundreds of events
Standup comic.
Improv performer and trainer
Presenter of hundreds of talks & workshops on marketing, applied storytelling, commercial creation