Jeff Walker

Jeff Walker

Miembro desde 5 años •
"The Voice You Want...And The Voice You Need!"

Whether it's hard sell or soft sell, dramatic or comedic, I can provide it for you! Whatever your voice-over needs, I'm more than capable of giving it to you! Immediate & attention grabbing? You got it! How about soft & subtle? Definitely! Available for commercials (TV & radio voiceover), radio imaging & promos, corporate video narration and so much more!


After almost 20 years of experience in the radio business on-air in several medium & major Canadian markets (including Winnipeg, Vancouver, Regina, Edmonton & Calgary) I've branched out into independent voiceover work. My voiceover work has been heard on terrestrial radio stations across Canada and the United States as well as several US-based TV stations and internet radio stations.


I've completed voiceover work for several on-line internet radio stations as well as various companies in Canada and the United States.


Depending on project size, I'm able to provide fast turnaround (generally within 24 hours). If required, I'm able to add processing and effects to any projects completed.