Jeff Wahl

Miembro desde 2 años
"Charismatic, Strong, Confident 17-35"
Jeff Wahl

I am very versatile with my voice. I am able to do commercial voice over, narration, and character voices. I can mimick lots of cartoon voices such as Elmo, Stewie, and Mickey to name a few.
I have a keen ear for being able to mimick voices. (Character voice demo available upon request)

I am also interested in doing audio books, web vids, educational videos, etc
Anything I’m willing to take a look at

I have a lively, charismatic, and approachable voice.
Can also go dark though....


A lot of it was self taught as well as years and years of theatre and film training. I did take some classes with Sunday Muse that we’re very beneficial!


Some of the companies I have done work for are
FORD and Lofty Sky Entertainment Inc.

Ford used my radio ad for Black Friday 3 years in a row.


I have a video on YouTube of a remake of Helen Ready’s Hit “Angie Baby” with James Collins.
Here is the link: