Jeff Perry

Jeff Perry

Miembro desde 10 años
"Smart, friendly, trusting with a smile..."

Warm and Friendly for Commercial // Informative for Narrations
// Professional and Authoritve for Presentations... it all depends on the SPECS for the project.


Have trained for 6+years at VoicetraxSF in Sausalito,CA with Samantha Paris, Thom Pinto, Sirenetta Leoni, Jeff Howell, Mary Lynn Wissner, Nate Tico and many other highly trained Professionals in Voice Overs.


Worked for many Years in Broadcasting and now have trained in Acting which has changed my whole approach to Performing Scripts.

Represented by STARS,The Agency, SF
Contact Kristin Claxon-Stinnett or Nate Tico at (415) 421-6272