James Younger

James Younger

Miembro desde 3 años
"Youthful and relatable. conversational and Professional."

I have been acting since 2013 which has been a massive upper hand since getting into voice over. Along with acting I have been an audio engineer for a few years as well producing and composing music for TV/Film. Adding both of those things together has helped to make me a strong, well versed voice over talent. I also work as an audio engineer for a voice over studio in Atlanta.


* Commercial Voice Over Intensive (3 months long)
* The Character of You - Steve Henderson


United Capital - Internet Video
Rinck Advertising - Radio
Elephant Games - Video Game
Edel H - Animation
Slow Clap Productions - Business
doTERRA Intl. - Educational
Strategic Digital Services - Educational


I am a composer/music producer as well as an audio engineer. I work as an audio engineer at a voice over studio in the Atlanta area.