James Taylor

James Taylor

Miembro desde 3 años •
"A proven multi-faceted voice that inviting, diverse & friendly"

I am an award-winning multi-faceted announcer, voiceover artist. I have been on air and in the broadcasting industry for now over 20 years, resulting in the being the voice behind hundreds of commercials/ads for both TV as well as Radio. I am also someone who has built a sterling reputation of being a person who “walks his talk” and can always be counted on to exceed any expectation put forward to me with my unwavering tenacity and drive for achieving goals.


Honor Graduate of Robertson College of Radio Broadcasting
22 + years in the Broadcasting industry as a Radio Personality - Currently ON AIR in a major market


Biggest achievement so far was being nominated for a Crystal Award (Canada's highest honor for production and creativity) for a spot where I had to sing!
I am also the voice behind numerous spots aired both provincially, as well as nationally!
Requested by numerous clients to be their 'voice'!