James Romick

Miembro desde 4 años •
"A Vocally Versitile Voice Actor with a Wide Dynamic Range."
James Romick

As a Classically Trained Singer and Professional Actor of 38 years with over 22 years of experience on the Broadway Stage, I offer a powerful vocal quality with wide range and depth, plus an Actor’s sensibility to effectively interpret and voice a script, whatever the genre.

I pride myself as being very directable, open to suggestion and able to make adjustments on the fly. We (my voices, my characters and I) aim to please.

Oh, by the way. In the late ‘80’s, I studied audio engineering at the Institute of Audio Research in New York City, when splicing audio tape with a razor blade was the norm. So, I have a working knowledge of, and an appreciation for, the audio engineer.


Joan Baker - Push Creative, New York
Maggie Phillips - Actors Connection, New York
John McKinney - Actors Connection, New York
David Guzzone, Danielle Quisenberry & Jay Snyder,Edge Studio, New York
Cynbthia DeBen - SAG Conservatory, New York
SAG-AFTRA Foundation VO Lab Seminars, New York
ACX University sessions at Audible Studios, Newark, NJ


To date, I have narrated and produced 38 audiobooks.
Two Promo Videos for the NYPD.
Representation: Stewart Talent Agency, NY
100's of auditions under my belt.


Primarily a Singer/Actor and Stage Actor.
Some On-Camera work in Films, TV and Commercials
I am a damn good Audio Engineer and Editor.
My DAW of choice is REAPER.