james pascarella

Miembro desde 2 años
"Mature, confident, trustworthy including accents and characters"

I am a professionally trained voice-over artist with 25 plus years experience. I work with top quality equipment to give you a product you will be proud of.
I have an enthusiastic, deep, strong, conversational voice that is comfortable to listen to.
I have done many e-learning projects, presentations for corporations, and video product/personal promotions. In addition, I have done intros for podcasts and “phoneys” for a variety of companies .
I have dozens of accents and character voices that are applicable to animation, children’s stories or other whimsical projects. I have done animation voices for fish, weeds, shoes, elves, a Spanish cat, and even a garbage disposal.
I have the most fun doing voices for video games and escape rooms. I have been Dumbledore, a gnome, a giant, the Voice of Doom, and a hungry dog as well as the voice of Sunny a child-like sun who helps children get up every morning.


I’ve been a comedic actor for decades in an improv style show. One day, many years ago, after a show a representative of a commercial agency said he could use my versatility and I began a long series of radio and television commercials and presentations.
After that ended I took classes from professional VO artists and sound engineers and learned how to set up a studio in my home which I have been doing for almost 10 years.


My most recent e-learning ventures include being the voice for Medtrainer, a company that offers training to nurses and other health care professionals, and Kanban Tool (a software organizing company).

I have voiced presentations for corporate groups including STTAS (a division of UPS) and VSL (a worldwide construction company).

Working for a company in Russia I have thoroughly enjoyed voicing their Escape Room and video games. I also was chosen as the voice for Sunny, a children’s show character from Michigan.

One of my most unusual projects is as the “troll” for a series of YouTube posts that an investment company created as a spoof of negative Twitter posts they’ve received.


I am very easy to direct, making changes to tone, accent, pace and attitude as the clients choose.
I love working with the client to create a voice or character that they see as representative of their project.
I have many accents and characters that I can call upon giving clients a variety of options.
My goal is always the clients 100% satisfaction.